OZZI is a new innovative reusable container program at the Suwannee Room to aid in the reduction of single-use plastics and other wasteful food packaging at Florida State University! The reusable container will now be used for all “to-go” meals in the dining halls. By deploying this program, we are eliminating the use of over 16,000 disposable containers each week. This program will go into effect on Monday, September 28, 2020.

We are also encouraging you to bring your own reusable bag to help reduce the use of plastic to-go bags. This can help reduce the number of plastic bags used by over 12,000 each week. Let's all be a part of making Florida State University greener! 

Breakdown of how the OZZI O2GO program works:

Join our OZZI O2GO program at Suwannee Room in just 6 easy steps:

  1. Enroll in OZZI O2GO program
    Meal plan holders are automatically enrolled in program. Guests who do not have a meal plan will pay a one-time $5 fee (plus tax).
  2. First time users of OZZI will receive a token and key chain at Suwannee Room.
  3. The token will then be exchanged for one OZZI O2GO sustainable container.
  4. Guests will also receive disposable gloves to wear to handle their O2GO container. This is to minimize exposure between guests and workers.
  5. Fill the container with delicious food from Suwannee Room.
  6. When finished with meal, return the used container to the O2GO Collection Machine inside of Suwannee. You do not even need to wash it, that's our job. 
  7. The machine will dispense a token for your next visit.

How many green containers can I fill with one meal swipe?

You can fill 2 green containers per meal swipe.  Anyone on a meal plan will receive one complimentary green container and you can purchase a second one for $5.  

If you are not on a meal plan, you will buy into the program for $5 per container.  If you want to fill more than 2 containers at a time, you will need to use a 2nd meal swipe. 

Here is a copy of the OZZI FAQ for more information.