Brazilian Flavors

April 24, 2018

Tallahassee, Fla. - For three weeks in April, Sodexo Global Chef, Marcelo de Castro Alves of Brazil toured FSU's campus and attended numerous events with Seminole Dining - from baseball games to catering affairs. Chef Marcelo prepared many authentic Brazilian dishes to showcase his rich heritage.

Chef Marcelo has held a position with Sodexo Brazil for ten years and has been instrumental in training and engaging food service staff with sustainable recipe programs while actively promoting nutrition, health and wellness strategies.

During his time at FSU, he assisted in product development and cooked authentic Brazilian cuisine in destinations on campus and catering functions. Chef Marcelo also experienced FSU culture and created bonds with Seminole Dining's team as well as FSU students, faculty and staff that will last well after his departure.

He said, "I have enjoyed my time here immensely. It is always a joy to share my cuisine with students and in a community where it might not be the normal. I want to open people's eyes to all of the wonderful options the world has to offer and assist Sodexo dining programs in any way possible. I feel like I have accomplished that during my visit."


Seminole Dining is committed to bringing excellence in cuisine to all guests. Enhancing the culinary offers and authentic flavors is a wonderful way to showcase our mission of becoming FSUnique. His culinary teachings will have an effect on future events and menus and proves to be a positive asset to the Seminole Dining brand moving forward.

mushroom farm

Chef Marcelo with Seminole Dining representatives at a locally-adopted mushroom farm.

chef marcelo

Chef Marcelo with lamb-pop hors d'oeuvres for a catered event.

Seminole Dining:

Seminole Dining is committed to bringing a FSUnique dining experience to all Seminoles. For more information, visit our website.


Sodexo USA is an American business that is part of a global, Fortune 500 company with a presence in 80 countries. Delivering more than 100 services across North America that enhance organizational performance, contribute to local communities and improve quality of life, Sodexo is a leading provider of sustainable, integrated facilities management and food service operations.

It employs 123,000 Americans at 12,500 sites across the country and indirectly supports tens of thousands of additional U.S. jobs through its annual purchases of $9.2 billion in goods and services from small to large American businesses.

In support of local communities across the U.S., the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has contributed close to $30 million over the past 20 years to help feed children in America impacted by hunger.