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Argo Tea offers a fun, fresh space inside the Shores Building where you can enjoy freshly brewed teas from around the world. Or, sit outside on the patio overlooking Landis Green and savor full-leaf teas made with fruits, flowers and spices — all-natural ingredients. No artificial flavorings, colors or additives. Choose drinks with or without caffeine. Signature favorites and teappuccinos are served hot or cold. The menu also features refreshing bubble teas, tea squeezes and sparkles in flavors to satisfy all tastes: fruity, spicy, tart, herbaceous or floral.
View the allergen and ingredient listing, or contact our dining dietitian Jessica L. Brooks RDN, LDN, with questions.
Fan favorites: Green Tea Ginger Twist, Hibiscus Apple Cider, Carolina Honey. 
Fun Fact: The jellies in our bubble tea, called “Nata de Coco,” are produced by the fermentation of coconut water. They are vegan and gluten-free. Nata de Coco is highly regarded for its fiber, low-fat content and zero cholesterol.
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