Healthier Campus Initiaitive

• A minimum of 1 wellness meal at each breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be available.
• A minimum of 5 types of vegetables, 5 types of fruits, and 2 100% whole-grain products at both lunch and dinner.
• At least 3 desserts will be available and identified at both lunch and dinner that have less than or equal to 150 calories per serving.
• Identification of calories and Mindful choices will be designated on dining hall food choices.
• Plant-based food options are available in both dining halls.
What is a Wellness Meal?
• A wellness meal is a delicious, balanced meal that meets a specific nutrient AND food profile. Students will be able to choose a Wellness Meal in both Suwannee Room and Seminole Café dining halls at breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, Monday through Friday and at brunch and/or dinner on Saturday/Sunday.
• These meals will include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy, and lean protein.
• Choosing these meals, even occasionally, will add up to a healthier you!
What makes up a Wellness Meal?